Distrusting Comodo

Update: The certificate has finally been revoked, after I have brought it up a month ago. Comodo’s Technical Support Team Lead gave me a reason why it all goes to hell is because my order is attached with an e-mail address, so I have to send the request via that e-mail. It is perfectly fine except that neither Comodo support staff nor GoGetSSL knows this should be done within this way, as Comodo’s support staff are redirecting me to go back to GoGetSSL to solve the problem at the first place.

This is not an article about Comodo being distrusted by main-stream browsers, but just me.

In short, Comodo failed to act as a trusted Certificate Authority. I recently bought a certificate from their reseller GoGetSSL and the transmit of the private key was initially not safe because I did it on a Chinese software which has zero encrypt on the messages and have files copied on their server. So we ( me and my client ) decided to re-issue the certificate and asked GoGetSSL to revoke the old one. Things start out smoothly as GoGetSSL ask for specific certification to revoke, and said that Comodo will do it in 12 hours.

Well, 12 hours past, but nothing happened on the old certificate. CRL and OCSP still validates it ( according to https://certificate.revocationcheck.com/ ). So I request it again, and GoGetSSL’s customer service try to revoke it again, some days had past, nothing happened.

Then, I tried to get in touch with Comodo by their Official website’s ticket system, I clarified the issue and want to know if they have anything to say about it, or even will it actually be GoGetSSL’s fault in this. But nope, all they replied was this:

Thank you for contacting Comodo, we will be happy to assist you.  Please contact the party in which the certificate was purchased from in regards to any revocation of your certificate.  If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact us again.

Which basically said nothing.

A few days ago, I published an article saying why am I deciding to move my own website’s certificate to GlobalSign because I felt Comodo is being to feel like it is “Too big to fail”. And now, if a trusted certificate authority, could not even complete the most basic part of a certification, which is validate and revoke, it’s out my friend.


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