Not again, Namecheap

Never thought that I would have to criticize Namecheap again, after I left their services.

Let me explain, I bought myself a new domain this month, and found out that there is a 3-year SSL certificate valid for my domain through Naturally I contacted Comodo SSL Abuse Dept. and got redirected to the reseller – Namecheap. After reaching out to Namecheap they insisted that as long as I issued a new certificate, the valid certificate that the former domain owner had will have no power whatsoever ( which is not true ), even after ticket escalation, they’re just re-assuring me that MITM somehow will not exist as long as I set up a new SSL cert and “there is no need to worry about the security of your website and the information transmitted via Internet”.

So, according to Namecheap’s statement, Wosign accident is just a fraud and people obtained’s certificate will do absolutely no harm to Github. Good to know.

A public discussion is under way:!topic/


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