Debugging memoey leak on Windows 10

For a while now, my Windows PC will suddenly go OOM after 3-weeks of usage. But whenever I was inspecting the Task Manager, I found no clue as to why the system will go OOM despite plenty of available memory left. Today, I caught my system “red-handed” again, and this time, the data on the Task Manager does not add up.

96% memory usage despite the process memory figures do not add up.

RamMap result – occupied by Nonpaged Pool. After reading some materials from the Internet, this seems to be related to memory leak.

PoolMon diagnostic, lock on the suspect – dxgmms1.sys. (Bytes gradually increasing, and was not being released at all)

Used command: .\poolmon.exe -p -d /g “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64\triage\pooltag.txt”

(Note: You could skip the installation of Visual Studio and only download the WDK if you only need this tool –

Checked the file, totally legit Microsoft-signed, DirectX related driver file. Unfortunately, I do not have a good way to further locate the possible mitigation. For now, I have updated my graphics card driver and upgraded Windows 10 to the latest 22H2, and see if anything gets improved.



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